Love Trunkated -Script

I pretend that it’s okay for you to watch soap operas when I’m in the room. I do my job as a daughter. Momma, if you love me, you’ll free the elephants and, in doing so, free me of my existential crisis.

Write a Ten-Page Essay in Five Hours

If you are here after searching for a way to speed-write an essay, you don't want me to go into the long google-friendly explanation about how my great-great grandfather imparted this wisdom to me as a tot. Which is good, because he didn't. I just teach college and have done a lot of it myself. Here's how you write a ten-page essay in five hours:

I am Definitely Racist

When I was a teenager, I said some really dumb things. Some of them didn't really affect anyone, but some of them were completely prejudiced and racist. Some of the terrible things that I said then, I was proud of at the time. The tiny Peter Pan in my head shouting "oh the cleverness of... Continue Reading →


Ah, yes, the American Millennial. Here, you can see you can see her grazing in her natural habitat. Observe as she slumps into the chair and devours a single cup of grapes. Fascinating isn’t it?

Why I Can’t Walk Away

I sat. I sat in a red auditorium seat looking up. Notes were sprawled across my legs and the seats beside me. Our Town would open in a few days and I needed to finish updating my paperwork before I left that night. Orchestrating scene changes was proving to be a nightmare, but my notes were useless in those moments.

Poem – “Skydiving”

Either grant me your fearlessness or grant me your wings. Because never being either lifted or crushed is the most crushing thing I can imagine being listed as a cause of death. “She ended with no end"

I Am a Magikarp – Confession

If you’ve never watched/read/played Pokemon before, you may not know what a magikarp is. Lucky you. A magikarp is pokemon that looks exactly like what a fish would look like if fish could watch Watership Down.

Poem – I Built You a House

So, I built you a house in the back of my mind, tucked between my hopes and my nightmares. The walls were rotten, and black, and decay. Each lie became a nail fixing another stud at an unwelcome angle: sweet and broken.

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