Learning to Fall

A few weeks ago, a tendon in my foot tore. There's an extra bone in tucked in there, and, every now and again, it feels the need to make a run for a new body.

Full Script – Sparkle City

Anytime I go to new city, I want to find the highest place and just perch. If it’s nighttime and the wind blows, the lights shake and the whole world sparkles. For a moment, I remember how small I am and all of the pressure goes away. I love feeling small… It’s weirder here. This is my city you know. I forget sometimes. It’s not terribly small. It almost sparkles.

The First Book to Break Me

“Rabbit.” That one word is enough to send me into a tailspin of emotion. My body shakes when I hear it. The plot twist shot through my eyes and into my heart, and I was never the same. The first time I read Sherry Garland’s Letters from the Mountain, I was too shaken to cry.... Continue Reading →

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