Forget me Not, Blue

I thought I had a superpower
being forgotten.
My third-grade teacher
left me during the field trip,
and I laughed,
because I got to stay longer.
My friends forgot me
after every move,
and I laughed,
because I got to start over.
My teachers forgot to grade my work.
My parents forgot I was grounded.
The world was mine to own,
because I could come and go as I pleased.
Be a spy.
Be a mogul.
Mess up,
And start again.
I thought I had a superpower,
and then I met you.

You have this beautiful catalog in your head.
Of everything you’ve ever loved:
the sky exactly 35 minutes after sunrise,
the way a dog turns their head sideways,
the swish of the first snow,
our late-night conversations.

I thought I had a superpower,
but you can control superpowers.
When I looked into the Rolodex
of loves in your eyes
and I saw myself,
I suddenly realized
that I was powerless to stop my erasure.
I’ve never been more afraid.

On the day you promised me forever,
I sighed.
I had escaped the nothing!
On the day you forgot that promise,
I smiled
knowing you at least remembered me.
On the day you asked me to pack my bags and fly to you,
I let myself pack my hope.
I left it in the baggage claim
in the airport
where you forgot to get me.

I got on a plane
and I flew away
from the only home I’d ever wanted.

I thought I had a superpower,
and I do.
I can fly
wherever I need to.

I am the stars that surprise you on your night drives.
I am the horizon just past the mountains.
I am the breath you take before you start to write.

Forgotten, but not gone.

The entry floating away from your catalog,
titled: “Forget me not blue”

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