How to Get Out of Bed

How to get out of bed
A poem

Step one
Arrange for something, anything
To interrupt your nightmares
A sound
Some sun light
A touch
To remind you that you are
Supposed to be alive

Step two
Tell your interruption that it is wrong
That your existence is negotiable

Step three
Doubt yourself

Step four
Reach for the phone
Pry your eyes apart slowly
With images
Of memories
You weren’t there for
Show yourself a world beyond your bedroom

Step five
Time it out
Glance at the clock in the corner
Begin calculating how long it will take you to
Decide which of these you can sacrifice
Maybe no writing today
If you wait 2 minutes
You can get up at the 15
And that will feel nice
Miss the 15
Wait for thirty
Because that’s better anyway

Step six
Remember why you went to your bed anyway
Remember the people you might lose
Remember the body that exhausts you
Remember the world crumbling
Remember friends laughing
Remember hopes
Remember dreams

Step seven
Get up
Go do
Go fight
Go love

Hey, everyone! Thanks for the prompts! This one was “analyse the mundane.” I figured I’d throw some Dysautonomia Awareness Month realness in.

Literally, the hardest part of any day for me is the beginning. My blood pressure is low, so getting myself awake and out of bed is a huge challenge. I am one of the lucky ones. My dysautonomia actually allows me to get out of bed. I know that there are others who cannot. Step seven is not for them. Go rest, dear friends. You deserve it!

More poems coming tomorrow.

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