This New Journey

As I start this new journey of trying to figure out what my life could look like when I blend together all of my fields of study and work, I keep coming back to acting as a starting point.

The career-adjective that best describes me is “acting coach”. Coaching is the thing I love most and it is the lens through which I see the world. While I shift in my seat a little every time I call myself a “performer” or “writer”, I can firmly plant my feet and shout that I am an acting coach with no hesitation.

I write through acting. I cannot put an idea onto paper until I’ve felt it through my entire body. A character does not exist in my writing until I know the exact movement scapes and methods that would best suit them.

I’ve even used acting in my non-creative work. I once worked as a math tutor for algebra I students who were also performers. Working with them, I helped them understand the motivations behind the most common formulas and create characters who could help them move forward in their studies.

Acting coaching is how I taught myself contemporary grammar rules and their nuances. Acting coaching is how I learned anatomy and fitness. Acting coaching is how I learned to travel safely and write grants.

So, maybe that’s my starting point. Instead of working so hard to be a writerteacherweightlifteractingcoach, maybe I need to just be an acting coach with a lot of methods.

I know what I am now. What are you?

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