Forget me Not, Blue

On the day you asked me to pack my bags and fly to you, I let myself pack my hope. I left it in the baggage claim in the airport where you forgot to get me.

How to Write the Best Fanfic

I turned to those glimmering beacons of fanfiction devianart an Wattpad And I analyze every fanfic I could an I distill them down into the most essential elements so that you dear reader have everything you need to write the perfect fan fiction .

Wake Me Up

They say that seasons come and go. Maybe now that's true. Maybe this is just a season, There's hope I can pass through. They say that without rhyme or reason Life can take a turn. "Hold on to your fire, darling." There's nothing left to burn. I wanna sleep right now And wake up when... Continue Reading →

Hunting – Meeting My Killer

I’m sitting in my stand. I look just below me and find my morning entertainment, one solitary little chipmunk. The little darling’s winter fluff is coming in well. He sits on a small stone nibbling an acorn. Always en gaurde, his eyes dart side to side while he takes another bite. I take the moment... Continue Reading →

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