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This New Journey

As I start this new journey of trying to figure out what my life could look like when I blend together all of my fields of study and work, I keep coming back to acting as a starting point. The career-adjective that best describes me is "acting coach". Coaching is the thing I love most... Continue Reading →

Taking Chances (Announcement)

Here at Stage Lights and Dirt Roads we (and by we, I mean I) love a good Celine Dion song. One in particular has been playing in my mind on repeat. The chorus of "Taking Chances" says: "But what do you say to taking chances,What do you say to jumping off the edge?Never knowing if... Continue Reading →

On Returning

Hey, everyone. This is going to be a super informal post. I haven't been on here for almost a year, and I feel like I should explain why. I have been gone, in part, because my other projects have taken a lot of my time. I resolved to publish six books this year, and it... Continue Reading →

Forget me Not, Blue

On the day you asked me to pack my bags and fly to you, I let myself pack my hope. I left it in the baggage claim in the airport where you forgot to get me.

How to Write the Best Fanfic

I turned to those glimmering beacons of fanfiction devianart an Wattpad And I analyze every fanfic I could an I distill them down into the most essential elements so that you dear reader have everything you need to write the perfect fan fiction .

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