Write a Ten-Page Essay in Five Hours

If you are here after searching for a way to speed-write an essay, you don't want me to go into the long google-friendly explanation about how my great-great grandfather imparted this wisdom to me as a tot. Which is good, because he didn't. I just teach college and have done a lot of it myself. Here's how you write a ten-page essay in five hours:

Poem – I Built You a House

So, I built you a house in the back of my mind, tucked between my hopes and my nightmares. The walls were rotten, and black, and decay. Each lie became a nail fixing another stud at an unwelcome angle: sweet and broken.

Full Script – Sparkle City

Anytime I go to new city, I want to find the highest place and just perch. If it’s nighttime and the wind blows, the lights shake and the whole world sparkles. For a moment, I remember how small I am and all of the pressure goes away. I love feeling small… It’s weirder here. This is my city you know. I forget sometimes. It’s not terribly small. It almost sparkles.

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